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I broke some rules but had fun while doing it

176 views | AI">Ztype (super fun game) and the whole point is to type the letters on screen to shoot your gun and blow up enemy space ships. Couple...

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VR is more than just for gaming

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...n way to play games - it's opening up doors for so many new possibilities in a vast array of fields. One in particular is architecture and in...

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Learn to code

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...many doors for careers, hobbies, party tricks, and fun. Since learning to code I've built numerous programs and apps to help myself and other...

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Workloads, stress, family, relationships

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...yone has been stressed at least once in their life - and it's not a fun thing. Having the feeling of a fog roll over you as you try to rememb...

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AI: Good or bad?

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...ow it'll bring the end of humanity - but how true is that?

Well it might be accurate.

For my advanced web develo...

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Invest in yourself

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...ance of taking time to invest in yourself and further your current skill set. Your greatest asset in anything you do is always yourself. You ...

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... the internet. This project was a big one to work on while building all the other applications and software at school but it definitely paid ...

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