Invest in yourself

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Over the Christmas break - I learned the importance of taking time to invest in yourself and further your current skill set. Your greatest asset in anything you do is always yourself. You decide the boundaries you set yourself and how far you let yourself go.

I'll start with what I did before starting college to invest in myself and then follow after with what I did during college.

Before I started at NBCC, I would travel around the Maritimes playing in bars, nightclubs, pit-parties, weddings, festivals, and anywhere that wanted a DJ. When I first started - I was absolute trash; thankfully I had only one show when I clued in to this and it was enough to make me realize I need to improve. So what I did was do what anyone else would do - go straight to YouTube and start looking up "How to DJ" and "How to read a crowd" (because I sucked at guessing what people wanted to listen to). I would spend hours looking up tutorials, thinking out game plans in my head, trying to connect the dots between things to figure out how things work, and through all that - I realized why it's so important to invest in yourself.

Fast forward 4 years and I had two residencies, had a show every weekend, went on tour, and received compliment after compliment how someone had so much fun that night.

Okay but what does that have to do with I.T.?

Before I started college, I already knew how important self-investment was because of the results I had seen when I was DJing. What I did before college was took online courses on how to make a website (BIG thanks to team treehouse for their courses and support). I took their "Front End development" course which included basic HTML and CSS. I fell in love with how easy it was to make half-decent looking websites so I decided to take their "Advanced CSS" course which was enough to get me going with design. I eventually took some of their design courses and and moved into other programming courses which helped me learn JS easier (and that let me learn to be a better front end dev).

A + B = C

Ok, let's do some math. A is where you are now, B is what you're doing, and C is the outcome. Regardless of how fast or slow you move - you'll always change where you are. I wasn't happy with A so I decided to make a change. That change was improving my CSS and JS skills (B). My outcome was Over Christmas break - I developed a framework completely from scratch for CSS to help developers make sites waaaaaaaaaaay faster than before. Yeah there's bootstrap but as a byproduct I learned how to navigate CSS a whole lot better (like some spooky CSS sibling selectors (+, ~. >) scary stuff).

ANYWAY. Invest in yourself. You'd be surprised how much a diference you'l make in yourself.

Oh just as a side note - if you want to learn how to make stuff like this site (and literally anything else IT related) I strongly recommend Team Treehouse for theor amazing courses.